Welcome to BVE-Central, home of routes and object add-ons for the freeware train simulator OpenBVE.

All of the below add-ons are free to download and use, please read the readme files included within the downloads.


Island Line v2.1 - UPDATED 13/06/16

A representation of the last remaining stretch of railway on the Isle of Wight, we join our train at Shanklin for the run to Ryde Pier Head as far as Smallbrook Junction.

This is an update on the previous version, including bug fixes, scenery and station enhancements and an extension on to Smallbrook Junction.

Download v2.1

Great Western

A fictional representation of the railway along the South Devon sea wall around the Dawlish area, very short route this one, it was built as route building practice before I started work on the Island Line above

No updates are planned for this one at the present time.

Download v1.0

Tram Network

The first route I built, this route was built nearly 9 years ago for BVE4 so it is showing its age compared to a lot of newer routes, it is based on the Nottingham tram network, at the time of building there was no suitable tram available for use with this route, however there is now plenty out there.

I have given this a brief update to remove the majority of bugs and errors and will update further as time permits.

Download V1.0


Midland Railway lamp post

Midland Railway lamp post, examples of these can still be found along the Settle and Carlisle route

Quite detailed, use sparingly.


Platform Information Display

A fully 3D Standard UK platform information display as used throughout the country.

Built around the X and Z axis so can be easily rotated to use as a left or right display, or next to each other to create a double display for an island platform, as seen on the left.



A metal and glass shelter that can be used as a bus stop or platform shelter.

This shelter comes in Northern blue, but colours can be changed to suit your route.



BVE Converter

Handy little program with a few useful features

  • Convert between B3D and CSV format

  • Mirror objects

  • Scale objects

  • Move objects

Note – This isn't my program, uploaded to make it available to the community, if you are the original author, please contact me!